We love our games, and I hope you do too! These are the prices for our garden games packages. We add a small amount on top for delivery. Hire is all day, until 8pm. We are happy to mix and match games between packages and for venue decorations too!

Garden Games

6 for £160 + Delivery

10 for £180 + Delivery

Children's Games

5 for £200 + Delivery

Bar Games

4 for £210 + Delivery

Giant Games

5 for £400 + Delivery

If you simply can't decide, we have our bespoke package option. If you let us know your venue, the style and aesthetic of your event, and the age range and number of guests, we create the perfect package for you!

Bespoke Packages

Prices starting from around £180

Its a £25 deposit to secure your day! When invoice you and ask for final game selection about 4 weeks before your event! In case of rain, we happily do last minute swaps!


Venue Decorations

£50 - Crisp Wall
£50 - Welcome Signs
0 - Ferris Wheel

£50 - Prosecco Wall
£30 - Post Box
 - LED LOVE signs

You are welcome to call, email, or message us on socials if you have questions! Pick an email below, drop us a message, and we will get back to you sharpish. We also accept carrier pigeon. 


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