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Indoor Games

Do you want some fun and unique entertainment for your indoor event? Or do you know you guests will enjoy classic pub games like darts and table football? Then our indoor games are perfect for you!

For £380 plus a bit of delivery, you can hire 3 large games and your choice of 2 small games.

Plinco Pinball


Pull back the spring, and release the balls hoping they don't fall through the gaps!

Measures: H-90 W-120 D-60cm

Rocket Launch


Pull the sticks away, and the person with the least balls in their bucket wins

Measures: H-180 W-60 D-60cm

Table Football


Simple and well-known, a table football is a sure fire hit! No 360' rotations!

Measures: H-80 W-60 D-60cm

Rock The Cradle


Take it in turns to load balls onto the cradle, being careful not to rock the cradel!

Measures: H-80 W-60 D-60cm



These soft-tip (safety) darts are perfect for all ages and to play your own game of bullseye!

Measures: H-80 W-140 D-70cm

Bowling Alley

bowling- alley-carnival-game-west-midlands-hire.jpg

Raised just off the ground to make it is easier for kids, but a little bit harder for adults.

Measures: H-60 W-180 D-40cm

Large Games

Mini Connect-4


A perfect addition. Bigger than your normal game, and cuter too! First to four!

Measures: H-180 W-140 D-70cm

Shut The Box


Roll the dice and knock down the number. First to shut the box. 

Measures: H-90 W-120 D-60cm



Take your turn and lie down a matching number or play a game of cribbage.

Measures: H-80 W-140 D-70cm

Bar Skittles


A real classic pub game. Pull the ball back and let it fall into the skittles

Measures: H-80 W-60 D-60cm

Small Games

We are so pleased that FeteStall Attraction could be part of our big day. We had a football themed wedding so the football table and indoor games suited perfectly! We also had the small garden games which were fantastic. We had lots of children at our wedding so it was a great way to keep them occupied (as well as some of the adults). 

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