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Giant Games

If you have a large space to fill, a large number of guests or you just want the most fun day possible, these games are for you. You can hire 5 of these games for £480 and a touch of delivery. If you have decided on our garden games package, but can't resist these games, add one on for only £60!

Tin Can Alley

tin can profile.JPG

Our newest game. Use the bean bags to knock down the tins. Double alley, for double the fun. Quick to play, but fast to become competitive!

Measures: H-180 W-160 D-90cm

Giant Hook A Duck

We love this carnival classic! Use the fishing poles to hook a floating duck! First to hook any duck, or first to hook your matching colour!

Measures: H-45 W-100 D-100cm

giant hook a duck fro homepagepng_edited.jpg

Raised just off the ground to make it is easier for kids, but a little bit harder for adults. Roll the balls and see the skittles fall.​

Measures: H-60 W-180 D-40cm

giant bowling alley fully size.jpg

Bowling Alley

Duck Shoot

Throw the bean bags to knock over those pesky ducks. Simple to play but you really will be trying to beat your score all day!

Measures: H-180 W-100 D-100cm

dook shoot full size.jpg

Throw your hoops, to catch yourself a rhino! Whilst this may look simple, we've angled the horns just right to make it a challenge!

Measures: H-180 W-80 D-100cm

full size ring a rhino.jpg

Ring A Rhino

Mole Run or Ball Run

games nailcote 018_edited.jpg

Pull the string to guide your ball through the course. Choose the blue ball run, or the super cute mole run! Infuriatingly fun!


FeteStall Favourite Game!

Measures: H-180 W-80 D-100cm

Rocket Launch

This game is so fundamentally FeteStall! Bright, colourful, and really fun to play! We love seeing people spot rocket launch and rush over to play!

Take turns to pull the sticks away, the person with the least balls in their bucket wins. 

One of our original games, our Rocket Launch is currently having an update - so may look different in the future.

Measures: H-180 W-60 D-60cm

Rocket Launch!

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