Venue Decoration

When doing events we realised the venue decorations, like light-up signs and Ferris Wheels, we had seen from other suppliers were a bit… well… lacklustre. So we made our own, guaranteeing our quality and beauty because all of our couples deserve the best! We also have the only crisp wall around!


Our pretty post box matches our Ferris wheel. Perfect to collect those beautiful cards, and it has a small lock on the back to keep the content safe.


Measures: H-70 W-50 D-50cm

Ferris Wheel

The wheel rotates and the carriages gently swing.  We hire the wheel without sweets, so you can decide what you want in it.


Measures: H-100 W-120 D-40cm


Welcome Sign

We personalise the sign with your name and date, forming a lovely keepsake to remember your day!

Measures: H-160 W-60 D-60cm


Fill this wall with any snack of your choice! Crisps, biscuits, chocolate, or anything your heart desires!

Crisp Wall

Measures: H-180 W-80 D-50cm


LED Love Signs

Each letter has its own lighting system- you can move them where you want, and turn them into just the right colour!!

Measures: H-120 W-240cm

Prosecco Wall

Photo Coming Soon!

Make your day extra special which a show of bubbles, or a wall of mocktails! Quite an attractive display!