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Fetestall's Grand Day Out - at Fillongley Hall

We took a trip up the road to the magnificent Fillongley Hall in Fillongley, near Coventry. We met the nicest suppliers, and had the loveliest day in the autumn sun!


Driving through winding country lanes with their beautiful mature tress and hedgerows guiding us on, in this fairytale surrounding, we half expected a white rabbit to jump out to take us to wonderland.

To the queen of hearts palace we did arrive. When you first go through the gates at Fillongley hall, you are greeted with the quintessential stately home driveway! I strongly believe if you are arriving in style to your wedding, you deserve a long driveway. The road had beautiful views of the surrounding countryside, and as we got out of the car to have a look we thought the Midlands has never looked so pretty.

Then we arrived at the house, I do think the picture speaks for itself! A magnificent grade 2 listed, white stone building, with the perfectly parallel sash windows and a grand entrance. The white stones had a warm orange tint in the early autumn sunlight making it look more perfect.

Fillongley Hall: Taken from their website as my photo was rubbish

Doing my best Elizabeth Bennet impression, I glided into the house. Well, in my head I glided, but in truth, I got distracted by Arthur (lord of the manor), squealed "look cat!" and promptly tripped over my own shoelace. The insides of Fillongley hall is just as splendid as the entrance.

The hall: Photo from their website

The first thing you see is the most magnificent chandelier, framed by two red marble pillars, and hanging right in the centre of the room. There is something so appealing about the red, or maybe coral? It provides the perfect backdrop for the chandelier, but it also makes the room feel so regal, yet so warm.

We were met by the incomparable Linzi, from That Black and White Cat Weddings, who sensing our puppy-like enthusiasm for a beautiful historic venue, took us on a little tour, and pointed out the little details that make this place so special.

We have been stalking Linzi on socials for a while now! Her weddings are the epitome of beautiful and fun. The weddings are straight out of those fancy bridal magazines but with an extra sparkle of fun and rainbow colours. The more time I spend in this industry, the more it is proven that a planner, particularly talented ones, are just what you need for the wedding. Those little elevating personal details do make a difference.

Off we went to set up outside! Once correctly assembled, I went to have a look around. Doing my best impersonation of a magpie, I went straight back to look at the shiny chandelier. The chairs in the hall had been dressed in lovely sashes, positioned at an angle to guide your eyes up to the I Dos, which I hadn't seen before.

Claire from Claire Lawrence Celebrant was there ready for the couples to practise their big moment, Your ceremony is the most important part of the day, and there is something so wonderful about having someone as delightful as Claire there to guide you through. The "I do"s in a way YOU want to say it.

Next to her was the talented singer Chelsie. One of my favourite parts of the day was listening to her sing when the couples walked around. Lovely for us suppliers to listen to her songs reverberate through the stone building, and drift to us sat in the garden.

Onwards we went to say hello to Citrus catering. We have shared brides before, who have raved about their food. They had a delectable arrangement of canapés set up, and after assessing the space in our pockets for stolen pastry, and realising in horror designers still don't put pockets in all dresses, we reluctantly carried on minus stolen vol-au-vents.

Fillongley hall has the most beautiful orangery. It is a perfectly sized small addition to the venue, ideal for that intimate breakfast!

We were drawn to the Ombre flowers on the table done by Lilac and Wild! The flowers look like they have just magically grown into the perfect shape. The flowers on the table were perfect and delicate but with a bold design. The white-to-pink ombre flowers formed the perfect large centrepiece, but the subtlety of the display meant you wouldn't have to be a contortionist to ask someone to pass the wine.

The flowers on the top table formed a rather marvellous cascading C shape, framing the table in a way a bouquet couldn't do. Each petal was perfect and looked like it just hung in the air. We, of course, did have a good look to try to figure out how it was done, but alas the illusion defeated us.

The flowers in the orangery matched the displays in the hallway. We loved the modern box frame, with contemporary Ombre, paired with the classic and timeless blooms. They were different to anything we have seen before!

The venue had been dressed by Adelle from bunting and willows wedding. Trust me, this woman is a magician with a sash! On the round tables the sashes were draped and tied with a neat little ribbon, on the top tabled they weaved through the shapes of the chairs, and in the hall they sat at an angle, guiding your eyes up to the I do.

The place setting were the perfect blend of simplicity and luxury. The glasses had the most unique shapes - the Kate Middleton of goblets. We also quickly spotted the cute white and gold cutlery. I can honestly say, I never thought cutlery would make it to my wedding inspiration Pinterest page, but they are now. I totally see the benefit of venue styling over using the venue staff, as this level of beautiful perfection needs an expert eye.

All weddings need a good cake! And good cake did we see. Lous with love, the perfectionist of fabulous cakes, was ready, spirit level in hand, to knock our socks off.

One cake had perfectly delicate, dramatic ruffles, with fondant that looked like draped fabric. The other, three tiers of beautiful exact white iced cake, with a perfect addition of flowers, finished with a beautifully embossed monogram. The cake sat on a wooden log, and we enjoyed seeing the surprise on people's faces when we told them that it was actually made of cake!

Due to our calamitous nature, we step away from the breakables outside.

The team from Secco cart were there to provide a drink to all couple as they explored. The super cute horse box would be a welcome sight for any guest - who doesn't like a gin or prosecco cocktail! Also, we did see some pretty impressive reverses parking earlier in the day.

Fillongley hall is set in 85 acres of grounds- including formal gardens, a bowling green, and a woodland. In the garden, one of the fabulous Sami Tipis tipis (try saying that after a few of seco carts offerings) nestled into the countryside. We love these tipis, as they always look so cosy and welcoming.

One of the things we like best about Fillongely hall is the ability to have the two different types of day in one. The beautiful stately home, with chandelier, and stunning photos. Then you can move to the tipi, for that relaxed fun atmosphere, and to dance the night away under the stars, To us, there is something special about that.

They also have a large ginger Cat, called Arthur, who sometimes condescends to join in the wedding festivities. For this crazy cat lady, we were sold!

Oh and to us! We set up just outside the back door. Our small garden games and our welcome sign came along. We could just picture the vibe, croquet with a glass of Pimm's, with the white stone walls providing that elegant backdrop. Or a competitive tin can hurl off outside the tipi. Perfect.

All in all, we had a really lovely day out. We met the owner of the venue who was charming! You can tell they really love the venue and the grounds, and that being able to hold weddings there was special to them! There is really something special about this hidden West Midlands gem! They also have a brilliant loo. a real throne, but I will let you discover that yourself...


Written by Aria Butterwick

Aria owns and runs FeteStall Attraction with her Family

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