FeteStall Investigates: 7 Fun Ways to Include Your Dog In Your Wedding

Our dogs are a huge part of our lives, they are always there with a wagging tail and a cuddle when we need them. Your wedding day is a celebration of love and happiness; when we want to be surrounded by the people who mean the most to us - and we happen to think our pooches should be involved too! From dog friendly venues, to doggy stationary, let us take you by the lead and into the wedding world. FeteStall Investigates woof bark woof.

  1. Dog Friendly Venues

Photo from Dodford manor- Barn Wedding Venue

There are some brilliant dog friendly venues right across the UK. The wedding panning website Hitched lists 743 dog friendly venues! If you have a confident dog, who is happy and relaxed in new and exciting places, surrounded by lots of joyful people, then they could make a brilliant bridesmaid.

2. Dog Chaperones

Photo from Dog Chaperone Service, Kent,

You wedding day is glorious chaos, and you may find you don't have time to give your pup the attention they need. This is where a dog chaperone can step in, they can look after your dog all day, or just have them pop in for the photos and a quick hello. This way, your dog gets to be part of the celebration, but won't get overwhelmed. You can also reach out to your dog walker, and see if this is something they can offer too! If you are considering dressing up your dog, do ensure the outfit doesn't make them feel stressed. Pop them in the desired outfit before the day, and watch their body language to see how they feel, look for those little signs like yawning and lip licking, as well as where their tail is. Avoid overly elaborate costumes than constrict movement or make the dog wobbly. 3. Put your pup on your cake

If you can't have your dog by your side, put them pride of place on your cake! We love the bold cake topper. If you want something more subtle, the sneaky appearance is sure to make your guests smile. 4.Doggy Biscuit Favours

Its always tricky choosing what your wedding favours are going to be, but we can't think of anything cuter than having doggy biscuits. How about a Shortbread Schnauzer, or a Gingerbread German Shepard. We found these super cute biscuits on etsy, excuse us whilst we order some Jack Russells... 5. Name a cocktail after your dog

Personalised cocktails are a huge trend in weddings this year, so why not name one after your pooch. I think our wedding guests would really enjoy a 'Cindy Clawford'. 6. Staffie Stationery

Include your pooch right from the start, and include your whole family in your invitation. From a subtle reference, to a full out theme, we couldn't believe how many beautiful options there are on etsy! 7. Make a donation to charity.

Most couples build a happy home together before getting married, so the registry list of pots and pans just isn't required. So may couples are now doing something wonderful, and raising money for dog charities. The money means the world to local charities, and helps dogs just like our Pumpkin start a new life, with a new family, who love them enough to include them at their wedding. About the Author: Aria knows both the wedding and canine industry well, she is a dog trainer and behaviourists from Guildford, Surrey who runs Barrett dogs,, but also runs FeteStall Attraction Garden Games with her mum and dad,, who hire out brilliant games for weddings and events

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