Medium Games

These games are a wonderful step up from our classic lawn games! They are ideal to pop next to the bar- people will play whilst waiting for their drinks, but stick around to beat their high score. These games always promote some healthy competition between family and friends, and it may be difficult to drag the big kids away when the night ends.

Our medium garden games are available in package C and D! They include classic pub games like table football and bagatelle. For something different, you could try our giant skill games like mole run, or throwing games like ring a rhino. We have included Height (H), Width (W), Length (L) and Depth (D) all in centimetres so you know what a statement they make!

Ring a Rhino

Use hoops to ring your rhino! When we made this game there were three Sumatran rhinos in the world, but sadly there is now only two. So when we hire out this game we donate £10 to Save The Rhinos.
H-180 W-80 D-100

Table Football

Simple and well known, a table football is a sure fire hit!
H-80 W-140 D-70


These happy little faces are adored by children! Use the bean bags to get a hole in one, or the hoops to claim yourself a Gonk. Their names are Hank, Walter and Peanut!
Our biggest Gonk (blue) measures:
H-90 W-60 D-60

Plinco Pinball

One of our most popular games. Pull back the spring, and release the ball. There are different points on offer, if your ball doesn’t fall through the gaps.
H-90 W-120 D-60


Rotate the wheel and watch the balls plink and plonk hopefully into the score buckets. Simple but infuriating!
H-180 W-90 D-90

Mole Run + Galloping Gopher

Mole Run (Green) or Galloping Gopher (Orange) look cute but are tricky. Using the strings, pull and push the hoop containing a ball to the finish line.
H-180 W-80 D-100

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