Large Games

These games can be the icing on your cake. Our most extravagant and unique games offer something completely different for your wedding entertainment. When people spot these games, they can't help themselves but to play them. We challenge anyone to see our Rocket Launch and not get excited. These large games look fab to fill an outdoor space, and we have even had brides create a dedicated games room!

These giant games are only available as part of our largest package- see our prices. These games are big, and give that nostalgic WOW factor. We have included Height (H), Width (W), Length (L) and Depth (D) all in centimetres so you know what a statement they make!

Bowling Alley

Our bowling alley is always popular. Raised just off the ground it is easier for kids, but that little bit harder for adults. Our skittle's fun faces will add that extra little smile.
H-60 W-60 L-240

Rocket Launch

Standing at 1.8 metres tall, this game really turns heads. Taking turns to pull the sticks away, the person with the least balls in their bucket wins. This is my absolute favourite game! 
H-180 W-90 D-90

Duck Shoot

Our biggest game is a carnival game classic, throw the bean bags to knock over those pesky ducks. Simple to play but you really will be trying to beat your score all day!
H-180 W-100 D-100

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