Children's Games

We have put together a package of all of our games that we know children love! Bright colours and friendly characters, for a guaranteed smile.  Perfect for parties, christening, and child-friendly weddings. The big kids will have fun too!


Duckling Shoot


A smaller edition of our duck shoot, this game is sure to make you smile, and the satisfaction of knocking the ducklings over will keep you playing.


Measures:  H-130 W-70 D-60cm



These happy little faces are adored by children! Their names are Hank, Walter, and Peanut! Use the bean bags to get a hole in one, or the hoops to claim yourself a Gonk.


Our biggest Gonk (blue) measures: H-90 W-60 D-60cm

Zebra Catch


Throw your hoop, and catch a zebra! Perfect height for little hands - but an added challenge for adults!

Measures:  H-90 W-60cm

Garden Games


Take a selection of our classic garden games! We recommend hearts and kisses, target board, giant Jenga, mini connect 4, pick-up-sticks and hoopla!

Giant Connect 4

A classic childhood game - giant connect 4! Drop in the disks to get 4 in a row. One the adults will join in with too!

connect 4 large.webp

Measure: H-120 W-160cm

Mini Ball Pit

Our ball pit is full of bright and colourful plastic balls, perfect for the little ones!


Our children's package starts from £220. It includes the 4 big games here, our cute ball pit, and your choice of 6 garden games - so we have something for children of all ages!