Children's Games

We have put together a package of all of our games that we know children love! Perfect for parties, christening, and child friendly weddings. The big kids will have fun too!



These happy little faces are adored by children! Something to make everyone smile. Their names are Hank, Walter and Peanut! Use the bean bags to get a hole in one, or the hoops to claim yourself a Gonk.


Our biggest Gonk (blue) measures: H-90 W-60 D-60

Duck Shoot


Our biggest game is a carnival game classic. Simple to play but you really will be trying to beat your score all day! Those big yellow ducks do make us smile! Throw the bean bags to knock over those pesky ducks.

H-180 W-100 D-100


Garden Games

  • Hearts and Kisses 

  • Target Board 

  • Giant Jenga

  • Cross 4

  • Ball in a Bucket

  • Pick Up Sticks

  • Fishing Game

  • Hoopla

Rocket Launch


Standing at 1.8 metres tall, this game really turns heads. We love seeing people see rocket launch at a distance, and rush over to play!​ Taking turns to pull the sticks away, the person with the least balls in their bucket wins. 

H-180 W-90 D-90

Bowling Alley


Our bowling alley is always popular. Raised just off the ground it is easier for kids, but that little bit harder for adults. Our skittle's fun faces will add that extra little smile. Roll the balls and see the skittles fall.

H-60 W-60 L-240