Bar Games

We wanted to create a style of games to suit indoor venues. We have a selection of classic pub games, and skill games that anyone will enjoy. We think these games are brilliant to scatter around a bar. Fun, but with subtle designs, they make great evening entertainment.

Our bar package starts from £210 plus delivery, and you can choose 4 of the games below! We set it up before your event and take it down at 9pm. If you are planning an indoor event we have a list of what games can go where in our FAQs!

Garden Games

Zebra Catch

Simple and well known, a table football is a sure fire hit! Use the handles to score and defend. No 360 rotations though!

 Measures: H-80 W-140 D- 70cm

Table Football


Plinco Pinball

Garden Game Hire Midlands Plinco Pinball.webp

Pull back the spring, and release the ball. There are different points on offer if your ball doesn’t fall through the gaps!

 Measures: H-90 W-120 D-60cm

Perfect to sit on a table. A real classic pub game. Pull the ball back and let it fall into the skittles.

Measures: H-80 W-60 D-60cm


Bar Skittles



Another classic. These soft tip darts are safe for all! Fancy your own game of bullseye?

Measures: H-130 W-90 D-70cm

Rotate to load the balls, and let them fall. Highest score wins. Warning, this is very addictive!



Ball Run

Using the strings, pull and push the hoop containing a ball to the finish line. This game i infuriatingly addictive!

Measures: H-180 W-100 D-100cm


Want to add a bit more fun?

Add another small garden game for only £12

Or drop us a message if you want to mix and match games and decoration!