Bar Games

Perfect games for indoor settings! Our bar package starts from £250 plus delivery, and you can choose 4 of the large games, and two small from below! We set it up before your event and take it down at 8pm.

Table Football


Simple and well known, a table football is a sure fire hit! Use the handles to score and defend. No 360 rotations though!

 Measures: H-80 W-140 D- 70cm

Bar Skittles


Perfect to sit on a table. A real classic pub game. Pull the ball back and let it fall into the skittles.

Measures: H-80 W-60 D-60cm

Plinco Pinball

plinco new.JPG

Pull back the spring, and release the ball. There are different points on offer if your ball doesn’t fall through the gaps!

 Measures: H-90 W-120 D- 60cm



Rotate to load the balls, and let them fall. Highest score wins. Warning, this is very addictive!

 Measures: H-80 W-140 D- 70cm



Another classic. These soft-tip (safey) darts are perfect for all ages! Fancy your own game of bullseye? 

 Measures: H-80 W-140 D- 70cm

Ball Run


Using the strings, pull and push the hoop containing a ball to the finish line. Infuriatingly addictive!

Measures: H-180 W-100 D-100cm

Mini Connect 4


A perfect addition. Bigger than your normal game, and cuter too! First to four!

Measures: H-180 W-100 D-100cm

Shut The Box


Role the dice and knock down the number. First to shut the box. Definitely not a drinking game...

Measures: 4 x W- 40cm D-30cm



A classic. Take your turn and lie down a matching number or play a game of cribbage.

Measures: Variable