Bar Games

We wanted to create a style of games to suit indoor venues. We have a selection of classic pub games, and skill games that anyone will enjoy. We think these games are brilliant to scatter around a bar. Fun, but with subtle designs. We have included Height (H), Width (W), Length (L) and Depth (D) all in centimetres so you know what a statement they make!

Table Football

Garden Game Hire Midlands Table Football

Simple and well known, a table football is a sure fire hit! Use the handles to score and defend.

No 360 rotations though!

H-80 W-140 D-70

Plinco Pinball

Garden Game Hire Midlands Plinco Pinball

One of our most popular games. Perfect to nestle next to a bar. You will be determined to beat your high score! Pull back the spring, and release the ball. There are different points on offer, if your ball doesn’t fall through the gaps.

H-90 W-120 D-60



We think our cascade is rather stylish! Simple to play, a little harder to get the best score. Rotate the wheel and watch the balls plink and plonk hopefully into the score buckets. Simple but infuriating!

H-180 W-90 D-90

Ball Run


This is one for the big kids to become determined to complete! Using the strings, pull and push the hoop containing a ball to the finish line.

H-180 W-80 D-100

Go Fishing

fishing garden game .webp

Four players compete to hook their fish and place them in the collection points as quickly as possible. One for your more competitive guests!

Giant Connect 4

connect 4 large.webp

A simple childhood classic! Drop the colourful disc to get four in a row!

shrunk wedding-entertainment-coventry.jpg
cascade-bar-game- set up-on-lawn.webp